"we are nomads, but we are no mad"

Most of our songs date back a while ago. Before some of us were even born. The songs we remembered are in Motions in Black and the next albums. We’re from all over the place but have 3 things in common: we love London, funk-rock, and we are no mad.

The "NO"

It’s all about the vibe. You get the feeling, and the chords take you away. You’re constantly on the rhythmic edge until you fall back onto your feet on the last note. I love it.

The "M"

I love my bass. I’m an artist. When I play the notes to perfection, I get this awesome feeling. I’m in the moment, I’m in the flow. If you’re a legend, you’re already dead, man.

The "A"

I don’t know what comes first, the drumming or the singing. The beat or the melody. Can’t get one without the other. Like the heart beat and the brain wave. I gotta do both.

The "D"

“The Doctor” left the band in 2017 to return to the Continent after recording most of the drum tracks in Motions in Black in just a few takes. Music is his religion. We miss you Man!

The Songwriter

The songs were written over a very long time. Digging a song out of the past into today’s consciousness feels like a miracle. Like a new life. Feels crazy but it’s no mad.